Monday, 9 January 2012

A warm welcome to my world

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Anu's Healthy living blog !

I am Anu, a 27 year old working mom living in Cochin India.I am working as a software tester for the past 6 years.I am happily married to Siby and we are blessed with a 2 year old daughter Serah.

Since I am at work during the day time, Serah demands me to be with her all the time when I am at home. I love playing with her, listening to her and watching her learning new skills.

Cooking and eating is the most effective tried and tested stressbuster and antidepressant for me. My husband also loves home cooked food and encourages me to try new recipes.

My real passion is gardening.I want to grow all possible vegetables, fruits , herbs and spices required in my kitchen by myself. But right now we are living in an apartment and the only possible open space which I can utilise for gardening are the two balconies.

Fitness and healthy living is the need of the hour for us. Siby is having high cholesterol and I am overweight.We need to incorporate some healthy living into our lives

You will see a bit of all these in this blog.I want to share my happiness,interests, aspirations , struggles and everything with you through this blog. So let's start our journey together. Be with me through all the seasons