Thursday, 31 May 2012


I woke up happy and content today. I was very much impressed by the way my first day of diet has been.I know it is very natural to succeed in the initial days. But I think a good start would be a motivation for me to stay focussed for the coming days

Today's eats

Today's breakfast was Puttu and Kadala curry. This is one of the favourite breakfast combo in my household. This is very healthy and wholesome. For making puttu , powdered rice is smeared with lightly salted water. Then a little amount of cumin and some coconut also is added to this and steamed over a steamer.Kadala curry is nothing but curried chickpeas. This combo provides enough carbohydrates and protein to cick start a day with. I had 1.5 cups of puttu and half cup of kadala curry.

Mid morning Snack
We were a little bit busy in the morning. So I couldn't pack my mid morning and evening snacks as I had planned. All that I could manage to pack in a hurry was around 1.5 cups of papaya and two big carrots. I thogut I wouldn't be hungry before 12.00 PM today since we had a very good breakfast. But I was wrong. I was super hungry by 11.00 AM and wolfed down all the papayas.

Though I had the papayas at 11.00 I was  feeling hungry by 12 again, but I was in no mood to eat the carrots. So I had lunch by 12.30 which is kind of early for me. I usually have lunch by 1.00 PM.The lunch included 2 cups of brown rice , cucumber pachadi and mixed veg stirfry with coconut. The lunch with two cups of rice was actually not enough for me. I was still hungry even after my lunch. So I had one carrot also post lunch

Evening snacks
I was feeling really hungry in the afternoon. I am actually not sure if it was real hunger or craving for something sweet. what I could say is I was uncomfortable and was craving to eat something sweet. I didn't have any fruits with me at that time. So I tried to ignore it by putting  all my concentration into my work. It kind of worked for me till 3.00 PM. I really felt that I deserve a cup of black tea with 1tsp sugar. I took my tea thinking that I would be comfortable after taking the tea. But I was wrong again. The comfort lasted only for a few minutes. I somehow kept myself controlled till 5.00 PM by concentrating more on work. I rushed to the canteen at 5.00 PM and had a fruit bowl. The fruit bowl included slices of Pineapple, Apple, guava, cantelope and watermelon in bowl. It was actually a treat for me as I was craving for some fruit from afternoon. But I would not prefer to go for it every afternoon because some of the fruits were straight out of the fridge and I felt like biting into an icecream. I would prefer to bring fruits from home for an evening snack

I reached home by 7.00 PM and had the dinner immediately as I was kind of hungry again. I had 1.5 cups of rice, 1 piece of fish curry and some mixed veg stirfry with coconut. This was a very satisfying meal for me and I didn't feel like eating anything after that. There was a major temptation for me in the form of a chicken cutlet and a cream bun which my husband bought while coming from work. I didn't even tough it and I was highly impressed with me for that.

Post Dinner Snack
I am feeling slightly hungry now and planning to munch on a robusta (another lesser calory variety) banana before going to bed. I don't want to take the risk of starving me and quitting the diet plan.

Water consumption
I drank around 2.5 Litres of water today. But I was running to the rest room very frequently because of the weather. I will be reducing my water intake a bit tomorrow

The sad part of today is that I didn't do any exercise. I was constantly planning for execise whole day today but I couldn't squeese in some exercise except for a 10 minute slow walk which I wouldnot consider as an execise.

Hope I could stick to  my diet plan and make some progress on the exercis epart tommorrow

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Before Pictures and Day1 of my weight loss journey

We had a few functions including my parents in law’s 50th wedding anniversary and a cousin’s marriage to attend at our native.It was a great get together opportunity for us as all six of Siby’s siblings and cousins live in  different places around the world and it is very rare that everyone come home at the same time.

Everything was good, but the sad part is the pictures taken during these functions.I was looking miserably fat.I knew that I have put on weight ..but never realized that I have grown this much horizontally. The photos were actually a shock for me.

The first comment from all those who care for me was that I have put on weight and need to work towards reducing it. I always wanted to reduce my weight but somehow my dieting and exercise gets stopped by one or two weeks. But this is the limit. I should not get fatter than this and should be working on reducing my weight. So today is officially my first day of diet and exercise. 

Here comes one more before picture which I can use to compare later when I reduce my weight.

Today’s eats.
I have read in many places that the diet that you are choosing for weight loss should be something that you can live with forever. If not it is very likely that you are going to slip from your diet plan.

I had the breakfast by around 9.00 in the morning. Three Dosas and chutney.I usually eat 4 ro 5 dosas for breakfast. So I was very doubtful in the morning whether I will be terribly hungry by 11.00 and  going to canteen and end up having some junk food. So took two bananas and a cup of grapes to office as a mid morning snack.

Mid morning snack
I wasn’t as hungry as I expected by 11.00. So I waited till I get hungry to attack on my mid morning snack. I was uncontrollably hungry by 12.00. So I wolfed down the two bananas. I choose the variety Palayamkoden which is less in calory compared to the other banana varieties. Initially I thought the bananas will not be enough for me and I may attack on the grapes too. But I was a winner here. I could satisfy my hunger with the bananas and save the grapes for the evening.

I had the lunch at 1.00 PM. The lunch mainly included  Brown rice, Fish curry, veg stirfry with coconut and bread fruit curry with coconut. Today's lunch was a bit of heavy so I think I can reduce the amount of rice tomorrow.I was craving for for something sweet right after the lunch. So I had half of the grapes right after that.

Evening Snacks
Evening snacks included 1 cup of black tea around 3.00 PM and the remaining grapes at 4.00 PM. It was a miracle that I could limit my evening snacks to only this much because I used to be super hungry in the evening and fill myself up with loads of oily snacks from canteen.

 I was really hungry by the time I reached home at around 8.00 PM. I wanted to have a heavy dinner beacuse that was what I used to do before. But I didn't want to follow that today. Had two palayamkoden bananas for an instant hunger releif. The dinner is eaten at 8.30 PM which included 1.5 cup of brown rice, cucumber pachadi and stirfried veggies with coconut.

Post Dinner Snack
I had a big carrot while preparing this post. I may or may not have one more carrot before going to bed.

Water intake
One thing I am very proud about me with regard to diet is my water intake. I usually drink a lot of water. But today it was a little less. I drank only 1Litre of water today. I would like to blame the whether for that. It was raining frequently and is very difficult to drink more water in such climates.

I must say that I hardly did any exercise today except for a 20 minute slow walking. But I am perfectly OK with that as today is the first day.

Overall I am very much happy with the way may first day have ben. I need to plan little more to have  helathier food and squeese in some execise