Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day4 - Another Great Day

I had a very relaxing start today. I slept till 8.00 AM in the morning. My plan was to get up early in the morning and start with yoga today. But I could sleep only by 12.30 AM last night because of some laundry work and I thoght I deserve a decent amount of sleet considering that today is an OFF day at work

Today's eats

Today's breakfast was neerdosa with green peas, carrot and potato curry. Neerdosa is made by making a thin batter of rice soaked overnight with enough water, some coconut and salt to taste. We had two idiyappams leftover from yesterday. I opted for those two plus one neer dosa and .5 cups of curry for today's breakfast. I prefer idiyappams over neer dosa because idiyappams are lesser in calrific value because we make idiyappams without coconut though the traditional idiyappams involve coconut

Mid morning snack
I didn't have anything for midmorning snack except for two grapes that Serah had offered me from her plate.
I wasn't hungry at all. One of the reasons was that the breakfast was wholesome and filling. Another reason was that I was very busy in the morning finishing the rest of the laundry work.

We had a late lunch today. We had lunch by 1.45 PM. I was hungry by 1.30 but Siby wasn't feeling hungry at all as he had drank two glasses of juice by 1.00 PM. He wanted to have a very late lunch but later he compromised to have the lunch at 1.45PM. Inspired by yesterday's dinner, I replaced some of the rice with puffed rice. Today's lunch included .75 cups of brown rice, 1 cup of puffed rice, 1.25 cups of boiled mixed vegetables and about one serving of fish curry with coconut. It was very filling. In fact I struggled a bit in the end to finish it.

Evening snacks
I wasn't feeling hungry at all in the evening. But has been tempted constantly to eat something as I was at home and has easy access to many healthy and unhealthy snacking options. I had about 1 cup of papaya and half of a robusta banana for an evening snack.

My Plan for dinner was puffed rice and boiled vegetables. But I was irressistibly tempted with the unakku kappappuzhukku (A dish made with dried tapioca, coconut and a few seasonings) and the fried sardine. I had little less than .5 cups of kappappuzhukku and half of a medium sized fried sardine. I had half of a neer dosa and around .5 cups of boiled vegetables also for dinner

Post dinner Snack
I wasn't hungry at all after dinner. But I was constantly feeling like not satisfied and wanted to eat bits and pieces of something or the other. Then only it struck to me that I didn't have tea today. Instanly I knew that a cup of black tea would be the remedy for my discomfort. I have a packet of green tea with me at home which my MIL had given me. It actually tastes more like a very lightly brewed coffee than tea. I like its taste very much than the usual green teas available in the grocery shops. I know its better to drink green tea without sugar but I need sugar in my tea. I took a hot cup of my special green tea with 1 tsp of sugar and I was instantly refreshed.

Water consumption
When I am at work I usually drink water at my seat from a bottle which I know is 1.5 litres. So it is easy for me to keep track of my water consumption during working days. But when at home we all drink from the same container. So it is bit difficult to have a measure of my water intake. But I know I might have drank not less than 2 litres of water today because I was frequently rushing to the water container.

Today's exercise included 30 minutes of brisk walking outside and 15 minutes of brisk walking on the terrace. My work out buddy was also with me all the time during my walking. She was kind of tired of walking and was playing on her own at the terrace.

I am very happy that I was on track for four days and could take control of my food than food taking control of me

Friday, 1 June 2012

Day3 - Started with a sore throat but ended up with a sweet little workout buddy

I woke up today morning with a sore throat and running nose. Yesterday’s ice cold fruit bowl has done its job on my body L I was very disappointed with that because being sick was always been an excuse for me to slip from my diet plan. But I was determined not to do that today. I took at most care to get rid of sickness. As usual steaming had done onders for me and I was kind of fine all day.
 Today’s eats
Breakfast was eaten at around 8.30 AM today. I actually packed my breakfast to office as I left to office as early as 7.20 AM in the morning. Today’s breakfast was 4 medium sized idiyappams and .5 cup of leftover kadala curry from yesterday.  It was a wholesome and filling breakfast that I was damn sure that I will not be hungry before lunch time and it turned out to be true. I also had a cup of black tea with 1tsp sugar at around 8.00 AM soon after I reached the office. I normally try to avoid drinking tea or coffee in the morning because of the sugar that I am adding to it. But today I felt I could treat myself with a hot cup of refreshing black tea considering sore throat and it really helped in curing it.
Mid morning Snacks
I didn't get much time yesterday to plan and pack enough healthy snacks and ended up in having ice cold fruit bowl from canteen. So I was super cautious about it today. I sliced and packed a medium sized mango and one small papaya which was around 2 cups in total. I took two robusta banana as well. Though I wasn't hungry at all I ate a few slices of mango and papaya by 11.00 AM just out of boredom as we didn't have much work in the morning. I had one of the banana at 12.00PM. This too was truely out of boredom and not becuase I was hungry.
I had my lunch by 1.00 PM today. Todays lunch included 2 cups of white rice, 1.5 cup of boiled vegetables with a homemade healthy seasoning and 1 piece of curried fish. It was vey healthy and filling.After the lunch also, I was pretty sure that I will not be hungry in the afternoon. Before my diet had started, a typical lunch of mine included around 3 cups of rice, .5 cups of curried vegetables and 2 pieces of curried fish. I used to go into a sugar comma right after my lunch. If I had eaten lesser , I would be hungry from 2.30 PM. Comparing with that this was a major win for me.
Evening Snacks
The thoght of a having a box full of slices of sweet and tasty fruits made me little tempted throughout the afternoon. But luckily I could make out that it is not real hunger. This is one of my experience in many years where I use my real sense to find out if it is real hunger or just a craving. Since I was completely aware of it , I could comfortably control myself from eating. I had half of the fruits at 4.00 PM and I finished  with the rest by 6.00. I returned one of the robusta banana back home as I was in no need to eat it.
I had the dinner by 7.45 PM. I made healthy choice for dinner today. I usually eat 1.5 cups of rice for dinner. Today I replaced it with .5 cup of rice and 1 cup of puffed rice.I choose it because the dietition in service at our office had once told me that puffed rice is a good option for those  who are trying to shed their extra pounds becuse it adds up the volume but with lesser calory content.The side dish for the dinner was half a cup of the leftover boiled vegetables from lunch. I was actually a bit apprehensive about replacing 1 cup of rice with puffed rice. But today's dinner turned out to be very very delicious. I would like to try it again.
Post Dinner Snack
I am very happy to say that I didn't had anything for a post dinner snack and I am not planning to eat anything untill I go to bed.
Water consumption
I was mainly sipping on hot water in between to releave my sore throat. I actually didn't drink much water in the day time. But I drank around 1 litre of water after coming back from work
One major progress that I made today was cick starting of my exercise. I did briskwalking for 40 minutes in two intervals. I managed to have the first 20 minutes of brisk walking by getting down from the bus at a stop before and walking to my house after work. I was determined to have a decnet amount of work out today. So I headed to the terrace of my apartment to have another 20 minutes of brisk walk.Another great news today is that I got a wonderfull work out buddy while exercising on the terrace. It is none other than my sweetie. I took Serah also along with me while going to the terrace thinking that she can play there and I can exercise. She was super excited when she saw me walking so fast and  was running behind me everytime
Overall , everything was awesome today. Hope I could wake up to another great dayt tomorrow