Friday, 1 June 2012

Day3 - Started with a sore throat but ended up with a sweet little workout buddy

I woke up today morning with a sore throat and running nose. Yesterday’s ice cold fruit bowl has done its job on my body L I was very disappointed with that because being sick was always been an excuse for me to slip from my diet plan. But I was determined not to do that today. I took at most care to get rid of sickness. As usual steaming had done onders for me and I was kind of fine all day.
 Today’s eats
Breakfast was eaten at around 8.30 AM today. I actually packed my breakfast to office as I left to office as early as 7.20 AM in the morning. Today’s breakfast was 4 medium sized idiyappams and .5 cup of leftover kadala curry from yesterday.  It was a wholesome and filling breakfast that I was damn sure that I will not be hungry before lunch time and it turned out to be true. I also had a cup of black tea with 1tsp sugar at around 8.00 AM soon after I reached the office. I normally try to avoid drinking tea or coffee in the morning because of the sugar that I am adding to it. But today I felt I could treat myself with a hot cup of refreshing black tea considering sore throat and it really helped in curing it.
Mid morning Snacks
I didn't get much time yesterday to plan and pack enough healthy snacks and ended up in having ice cold fruit bowl from canteen. So I was super cautious about it today. I sliced and packed a medium sized mango and one small papaya which was around 2 cups in total. I took two robusta banana as well. Though I wasn't hungry at all I ate a few slices of mango and papaya by 11.00 AM just out of boredom as we didn't have much work in the morning. I had one of the banana at 12.00PM. This too was truely out of boredom and not becuase I was hungry.
I had my lunch by 1.00 PM today. Todays lunch included 2 cups of white rice, 1.5 cup of boiled vegetables with a homemade healthy seasoning and 1 piece of curried fish. It was vey healthy and filling.After the lunch also, I was pretty sure that I will not be hungry in the afternoon. Before my diet had started, a typical lunch of mine included around 3 cups of rice, .5 cups of curried vegetables and 2 pieces of curried fish. I used to go into a sugar comma right after my lunch. If I had eaten lesser , I would be hungry from 2.30 PM. Comparing with that this was a major win for me.
Evening Snacks
The thoght of a having a box full of slices of sweet and tasty fruits made me little tempted throughout the afternoon. But luckily I could make out that it is not real hunger. This is one of my experience in many years where I use my real sense to find out if it is real hunger or just a craving. Since I was completely aware of it , I could comfortably control myself from eating. I had half of the fruits at 4.00 PM and I finished  with the rest by 6.00. I returned one of the robusta banana back home as I was in no need to eat it.
I had the dinner by 7.45 PM. I made healthy choice for dinner today. I usually eat 1.5 cups of rice for dinner. Today I replaced it with .5 cup of rice and 1 cup of puffed rice.I choose it because the dietition in service at our office had once told me that puffed rice is a good option for those  who are trying to shed their extra pounds becuse it adds up the volume but with lesser calory content.The side dish for the dinner was half a cup of the leftover boiled vegetables from lunch. I was actually a bit apprehensive about replacing 1 cup of rice with puffed rice. But today's dinner turned out to be very very delicious. I would like to try it again.
Post Dinner Snack
I am very happy to say that I didn't had anything for a post dinner snack and I am not planning to eat anything untill I go to bed.
Water consumption
I was mainly sipping on hot water in between to releave my sore throat. I actually didn't drink much water in the day time. But I drank around 1 litre of water after coming back from work
One major progress that I made today was cick starting of my exercise. I did briskwalking for 40 minutes in two intervals. I managed to have the first 20 minutes of brisk walking by getting down from the bus at a stop before and walking to my house after work. I was determined to have a decnet amount of work out today. So I headed to the terrace of my apartment to have another 20 minutes of brisk walk.Another great news today is that I got a wonderfull work out buddy while exercising on the terrace. It is none other than my sweetie. I took Serah also along with me while going to the terrace thinking that she can play there and I can exercise. She was super excited when she saw me walking so fast and  was running behind me everytime
Overall , everything was awesome today. Hope I could wake up to another great dayt tomorrow 

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