Wednesday, 4 July 2012

It feels good to be exercising

Yesterday was a hectic day at work. But still I was able to stick to my diet plan. The only deviation was the half dosa and chutney I had around midnight. Siby had gone to a late night movie with his collegues and came back by 11.00PM. He didn't have dinner from outside and wanted me to make dosa for him. I was kind of half asleep when he came. I was a bit irritated that I was interrupted from my sleep. But I was happy that he decided for the better option of having dinner from home. I wasn't feeling hungry at all. But the paper thin dosa and tchutney tasted awesome which tempted me to have half of a dosa with some chutney. I was a bit disappointed with this. But its OK..No one can be perfect.

I got up at 6.30 today morning, but slept again till 8.00. I wanted to get up at he next snooze of the alarm which is at 6.45. But I had switched OFF the alarm by mistake and culd wake up only at 8.00. I was a bit late , but I didn't wanted to cancel my plan to exercise. So I dressed up fast and rushed to the treadmill to repeat yersterday's run. It included 1.5 minutes brisk walking and 30 seconds running for 20 minutes. I must say I felt really great to be exercising. It was't tiring or boring for me, but I was enjoying it from beginning till end. I wanted to do it for more time. But then decided not to do that as I may stress my body. The one thing that I alwaya try to implement with regards to my weight loss is
                                    "Slow and steady wins the race"
Hope it helps

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