Thursday, 5 July 2012

A lazy morning

I got up as early as 6.40 AM today. I had enough time to go for exercise, but couldn't do that. I really enjoy my morning exercise and is very disappointed that I couldn't make it today. But its OK for me as it was for Serah that I had to skip my exercise today. Serah is not keeping well and she wanted me to stay close to her. Hopy she will be fine by tomorrow.

As for yesterday's diet , I should say I am very happy with the way I handled it. I usually take some fruits to office to have in the evening so that I can avoid the oily snacks or the ice cold fruits that are available in our cafeteria. We were running out of fruits and I didn't get time to stop and purchase fruits because of my hectic work at office. I am skipping non veg for a month and so the evening fruit bowl was my comfort food. I was very disappointed that we didn't have any fruits at home to take to office. But I cut up some carrots and cucumbers to take to office. Though I didn't enjoy it as much as my fruit bowl, it helped me to keep away from the greasy snacks from our cafeteria.

I am feeling a it lazy as I didn't exercise today. No hopes for exercise in the evening as we have a hard time at work  and will be coming back as late ar 9.30 PM from work. Hope I could make it up tomorrow

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